What is the difference between a farmer, a peasant, a cultivator and a planter? ( in context of this chapter)

1. A farmer- Any person who manages and owns a land.It is a profession.
2.A peasant-A person who has a very small land holding or agricultural/bounded labour of low social status.It is used to refer a 'social position'
3.A cultivator-a. The planters forced to the cultivators to signed an agreement under which they were given some cash on low rate of interest.The work of cultivators were to grow the crops demanded by planters like Indigo on their land and prepare the soil, sowed the seed and looked after the crop.
b. After the harvest the crops were delivered to the planter, a new loan was again given to them and this way cycle continues.
5.A planter-a. In nij system planters used to either produce the crop like Indigo in lands that he directly controlled or either bought the land or rented it from other zamindars ​and produced by directly employing hired labourers.
b. In ryoti the work was given to the cultivators by giving them cash on low rate of intrest and providing them the seed and the drill and cultivators ​used to prepare the soil, sowed the seed and looked after the crop.After harvest crops were given to the planters.

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