what is the difference between acquired and inherited traits ?

Acquired traits are those traits that are developed during lifetime of an individual. These traits cannot be inherited. For example, a wrestler develops large muscles due to his training program. but this does'nt mean it'll be passed on to his ofspring. In simple terms, acquired traits are skills, knowledge or memory that an individual develops during his/her lifetime.

On the other hand, inherited traits are those traits that are transferred from parents to offsprings. Example, skin colour, eye colour and shape, etc

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 Acquired traits are traits that you get from your personal experiences and your environment that you live in. Inherited traits are genetic traits that you get from your parents.

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the traits which we inherit from our parents are d inherited triaits and d ones which we acqire in our lifetime are the acquired traits.

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inherited  traits are those traits which we get from our parents but acquired traits are traits we acquire during our lifetime.

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Acquired Traits: These are the characteristics or traits that an individual acquires due to the external factors. Eg: Obese body, Cut finger. etc. These DONOT change the DNA composition of the gametes, so they cannot be passed on to the next generation.

Inherited Traits: The traits that are passed from a parent to its offspring are called as inheited traits. Eg: Color of eyes, etc.



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 traits which are acquired from the environment are known as acquired  traits. eg- body weight.

traits which we inherited from our parents are known as inherited treits.eg- eye colour.

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Heritable variations

Non – heritable variations

Produce changes in reproductive tissues

Produce changes in non – reproductive tissues

Can be passed to next generation

Cannot be passed to next generation

Eg: height

Eg: power to lift weight

Also called inherited trait

Also called acquired trait

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Inherited traid:  The traids which are passed from the parent to offspring. The changes produced in reproductive tissues.

Eg: eye color

Acquired traits:   Change in non reproductive tissue cannot be passed onto germ cells and the experiences of an individual during lifetime does not direct evolution.

Eg: tailessness in mice

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