What is the difference between anishchayvachak sarvnaam and anyapurushvachak sarvnaam ? Both have yeh and wah right? :/

anishchayyvachak sarvanaam is the pronoun whiich u r not sure of - like : koi aaya hai , raste mein kuch kha lena

but anyapurushvachak sarvanaam is the one referred to a third person . only this has yeh and wah

anishchayyvachak sarvanaam has koi, kisse and kuch

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Both don't have yeh and wah. In anishchayyvachak sarvanaam u use koi, kuch etc. whereas in anyapurushvachak sarvanaam u use wah and yah. But in nishchayvachak sarvanam  also we use  these as here yah and wah aren't used to refer to another person but are used to point to a definite object.  Eg- jahan vah rakha hai vahan ise rakh do.

Here vah and ise point to a definite object not person so nishchayvachak sarvnam. Hope this clears ur confusion!!

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