What is the difference between bhav vachak sangya and gun vachak visheshan

Bhav vachak sangya- राम की लंबाई बढ रही है । Here lambai is itself a noun. It is complete in itself. Sentence me लिंग वचन bhi noun- lambai ke according h. Gun vachak visheshan-राम लंबा है । Here the word lamba is quality of ram. The word in the sentence has no meaning without the noun ram. Is sentence me लिंग वचन noun 'ram' ke according h.
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Gunvachak visheshan and bhavvachak sangya are two different things. Lets take an example: Acchon ki sangti mein acche ho jaoge.
Here, the first word is gunvachak visheshan whereas the second one is bhavvachak sangya. 'Acha hona' is a gun whereas 'Acchai' is a bhav.
For e.g.- Lamba is a gun whereas lambai is a bhav.
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