what is the difference between c3 and c4 plants???how is this difference caused??

 C3 Plants  C4 Plants
These plants lack bundle sheath cells, only mesophyll cells are present.  These plants have two types of photosynthetic cells - mesophyll & bundle sheath cells.
Same type of chloroplasts are present. These have dimorphic chloroplasts.
Primary acceptor of CO2 is accepted  5 carbon compound i.e- Ribulose-1,5 bi phosphate. Primary acceptor of CO2 is phosphoenol pyruvate.
First stable compound is 3 carbon molecule  First stable compound is 4 carbon  molecule.


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PRIMARY CO2 ACCEPTOR  C3 plants-  Rubilose-1,5-bisphosphate  c4 plants-  Phosphoenolpyruvate

1st STABLE PRODUCT  C3plants-  3-Phosphoglycerate  C4 plants- Oxaloaceticacid

photorespiration  present  absent

bndlesheath cells  absent  present

efficiency  less  more

tolerence to external  less  more


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