what is the difference between carboxyhaemoglobin and oxyhaemoglobin?

Carboxyhaemoglobin refers to the haemoglobin which is combined with carbon monoxide instead of oxygen. Carbon monoxide has stronger bonding with haemoglobin than oxygen which makes it a stable compound leading to oxygen deficiency in the body. For example tobacoo smoke increases the level of carbon monoxide in the body leading to an increase in carboxyhaemoglobin.

Oxyhaemoglobin refers to the haemoglobin which is combined with oxygen from the lungs. Oxygen in the body is transported in the form of oxyhaemoglobin. This is the normal form of haemoglobin existing in the body.

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The atom of iron in the haemoglobin molecule binds oxygen to form oxyhaemoglobin in the lungs. this helps to carry and deliver oxygen to different cells. 

If a person is exposed to carbon monoxide, this gas binds to the haemoglobin in place of oxygen and oxygen will not be available to cells for respiration and can be fatal. In fact carbon monoxide binds stronger than oxygen to the haemoglobin

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during the transport of oxygen from alveoli to tissues by haemoglobin present in the blood the oxygen binds to the iron part of haemoglobin(haem) and this compound id known as OXYHAEMOGLOBIN

but when there is a lot of air pollution,air contains carbon monoxide which when inhaled again binds to haemoglobin just like oxygen but the bonds are more strong as compared to that of oxygen.Hence it is more stable and is known as CARBOXYHAEMOGLOBIN.this leads to decreased availabilty of oxygen to the tissues and also imparts a blue colour.

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