what is the difference between E cell and E0 cell??


E0cell is the standard electrode potential of cell i.e potential under standard condition when concentration of oxidised and reduced form is unity and temperature is 298 K.

It can be represented as:

E0cell = Eocathode-Eoanode

Ecell is the cell potential under normal condition . It is calculated by Nernst equation and give dependence of Ecell on concentration and temperature. 

Ecell = Ecathode-Eanode

Nernst equation is written as follows in general. Ecell = E0cell –RT/nF(ln[pdt]/[react]) here conc. of ion in aqueous form is taken as for pure solid and liquid conc. Is taken as

 For eg for Daniel cell Zn/Zn2+ (C1)// Cu2+(c2)/Cu

Overall cell reaction is- Zn(s) + Cu2+(aq) →Zn2+(aq)+ Cu(s) here in pdt conc [Zn2+] is taken and in reactant [Cu2+] conc is taken.

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 E cell is the potential created by the cell at different concentration of reactants.

E0 cell is the potential or the cell at room temperature and i mole concentration of all the reactants

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 Ecell  = electrode potential

Eocell = cell potential. it is the cell EMF

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