What is the difference between heterotrophic and parasitic nutrition? Pls ans it fast!!

Parasitic nutrition is a sub-type of heterotrophic nutrition.
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Sorry your question is wrong because parasitic nutrition are one type of heterotrophic nutrition. Your question may be like this:-difference between heterotrophic and autotrophic nutrients. Here is ur answer....

Nutritionisthe process of being nourished. In this process an organism consume food and uses it for growth and development.

Basically, there are two modes of nutrition.

Autotrophic Nutrition:-The mode of nutrition in which organisms manufacture their own food using inorganic components like water and carbon dioxide as well as sunlight as the source of energy is known as autotrophic mode of nutrition. For example- Green plants

Heterotrophic Nutrition:- The mode of nutrition in which the organism cannot make their own food, they aredependent on plants and other animals for nutrition, it is known as heterotrophic mode of nutrition. For example- animals.

There are four types of heterotrophic mode of nutrition:

  • Holozoic mode of nutrition:The mode of nutrition in which food is taken in solid/liquid form from outside and is digested inside their body, this mode of nutrition is known as holozoic mode of nutrition. For example: Humans.
  • Parasitic mode of nutrition:The mode ofnutrition where the organism lives in or on the other organism and derive its food from the body of the host is called parasitic mode of nutrition. For example:Cuscuta.
  • Saprophytic mode of nutrition:The mode of nutrition in which the organism takes nutrients in solution from dead and decaying matter is called saprophytic nutrition. For example: Mushrooms.
  • Symbiotic mode of nutrition:The mode of nutrition in which organisms live in association with other plants or animals and share their resources. In this kind of relationship, both the partners are benefitted by the relationship. For example: Lichen- an association between algae and fungi.
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