What is the difference between intercropping and mixed cropping????

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In mixed cropping, there is no set pattern of rows of crops whereas in intercropping there is a definite pattern of rows of crops.

In mixed cropping, the seeds of two crops are mixed before sowing, which is not the case in intercropping.

Since there is no definite pattern of rows, spraying of pesticides is difficult in mixed cropping. On the other hand, spraying pesticides is quite easy in intercropping.


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The main object is to utilize the space left between two rows of main crop

To get at least one crop under favorable conditions


More emphasis is given to the main crop

All crops are cared equally


There is no competition between both crops

There is competition between all crops growing


Inter crops are of short duration & are harvested much earlier than main

The crops are almost of the same duration


Sowing time may be same or different

It is same for all crops


Crops are sown in different rows without affecting the population of main crop when sown as sole crop

Either sown in rows or mixed without considering the population of either

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