What is the difference between mechanical teacher and a human teacher

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A human teacher communicates with the students. Students at any levels(low,medium,high )can learn from any subject teacher.The teacher can repeat,modify their teaching skills according to the comfort of their students that is it can be made easier or difficult.Also the teacher can adapt to students,their way of learning and can clear their doubts based in their level of understanding.

A mechanical teacher can be video lecture,online study apps,online teaching. Everything is recorded. The students can replay,pause,ask their queries,and watch at any time according to their comfort as it is prerecorded. Only students with some background in the subject or skill can learn from this type of teaching.Here the communication is two way with infinite patience from the other part.Also the student can interact and clarify their doubts any time according to their convenience.


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The main difference is a mechanical teacher doesn't understand our emotions and feeling. But a human teacher can understand our emotions and feeling.
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A mechanical teacher is almost similar to a human teacher but mechanical teacher can take all your doubts one by one because one student will have one mechanical teacher but a human teacher will be having many students and cant be able to take all the doubts. the human teachers have feelings for the student and the mechanical teacher does not.
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Mechanical teacher was just a machine or computer which can teach but according to the level set without any kind of emotions whereas human teacher can make learning more easier according to the level of students who can understand their emotions as well.
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Difference between mechanical teacher and Human teacher
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