What is the difference between muscle fatigue, tetanus and tetany?
Please explain in detail.....

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Tetany is a condition which occurs due to the low calcium in the blood known as the hypocalcaemic condition.It leads to the involuntary contraction or spasms of muscles of hand, feet, and larynx followed by overactive neurological reflexes that involve the increase in the action potential frequency of the muscle cell.

Muscle fatigue refers to the reduction in ability of muscles to generate force for desired movements (relaxation and contraction of muscles.)

Tetanus is a disease caused by the infection of the bacteria Clostridium tetani. On the entering the body, the spores of C. tetani, germinate to form the bacteria and form the poison named Tetanospasmin resulting in the blockage of nerve signals from the spinal cord to the muscles, this causing severe muscle spasms and resulting in lockjaw.


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