what is the difference between organic and inorganic


·  Organic acids are the acids derived from carbon and its compounds (or simply, hydrocarbons). For e.g. carboxylic acids (Ethanoic acid CH3COOH)

·  Inorganic acids are the acids derived from inorganic sources or compounds. For e.g H2SO4, HCl, etc.

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A major branch of chemistry which embraces all compounds of carbon except such binary compounds as the carbon oxides, the carbides, carbon disulfide, etc.;

A major branch of chemistry is generally considered to embrace all substances except hydrocarbons and their derivatives, or all substances that are not compounds of carbon disulfide. It covers a broad range of subjects, among which are atomic structure, crystallography, chemical bonding, coordination compounds, acid-base reactions, ceramics, and the various subdivisions of electrochemistry (electrolysis, battery science, corrosion, semiconduction, etc.).

Organic molecule contain An organic molecule (hydrocarbon) is formed when carbon bonds to hydrogen. The simplest hydrocarbon consists of 4 hydrogen atoms bonded to a carbon atom (called methane)
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