what is the difference between parasitic and symbiotic plants

Parasitic Plants Symbiotic plant
The plants cannot manufacture their own food. Therefore, they survive by growing on the body of another plants, deriving nutrients from these plants in the process. Such plants are known as  parasitic plants. For example:Cuscuta   is a   parasitic plant   as it deprives the other plant of its nutrients. The plant on which it grows is known as the   host . Symbiotic relation is between two organisms in which both live mutually and benefited. For example- lichen is a symbiotic relation ship between algae and fungi. Fungi provides water and shelter to algae and algae provides food to fungus.

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parasitic plants are plants which grows one other plant and use it all nutrients

symbiotic plants are those which have its association with other plant which used to exchage the different resources for growth.
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