what is the difference between pith electroscope and gold leaf electroscope


ANS: The pith-ball electroscope and the gold-leaf electroscope are two classical types of electroscope that are still used to demonstrate the principles of electostatics.

The pith ball electroscope consists of a small ball of pth suspended with a silk thread. if a charged body is brought near the pith ball then some of the charges get transferred from the body to the ball and the ball gets repelled from the body, detecting charges in the body.

While the gold leaf electroscope uses two golden leaves suspended from a metallic tube with a plate on top. Whenever a charged object is kept on the plate the charges get transferred from the tube to the leaves which repel from each other detecting charges.

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Electrostatic balls are suspended on an aluminum hook attached to an acrylic base. When a static charge is brought near the balls, they react to the electrical charge  whereas in  gold leaf  electroscope two metal strips are attached to a metal rod placed inside a bell jar connected to a metal disc at the top passing through a rubber stopper. Tin foils are attached on sides of jar.

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Electroscopes are devices used to detect and measure the amount charge present. The most important point here is to remember that both electroscopes work on the same basic principle.

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