What  is the  difference between  PURE WATER and  DISTILLED WATER?

The difference between distilled water and purified water is:

i. Purified water is purified by some standards and specifications. It may contain minerals. When we boil this water, it leave behind minerals and some impurities.

ii. Distilled water is water which is absolutely pure water. It does not contain anything else. So, when we boil it, there is no remains.

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 pure water contains some small particles of microorganims and many more things like salt  dissolved immpurities etcc...

distilled water does not contain any minerals or any kind of immpurities so it is not conducting electricity

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  • Pure water dosent contain any impurities
  • since it DOSE NOT contains impurities and salts it dose not conducts electricity


  • Distilled water contains salts and impurities
  • Because it contains impurities it conducts electricity

!NOTE! - Salt is a good conductor of electricity thus distilled water becomes a good conductor of electricity

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