What is the difference between self-sufficiency and self- reliance?

Dear student, Self sufficient is a state of being self dependent or independent. A nation is said to be self sufficient when it has enough resources that it is able to meet its basic needs without relying on any assistance from other nations. Self-reliance implies discouraging the imports of those goods that could be produced domestically. Achieving self-reliance is of prime importance for a developing country like India. India, being under the colonial rule of the British, was heavily dependent on the foreign countries for the fulfillment of even the basic needs such as food grains. Also, huge imports of heavy machinery were required after independence to pace the process of industrialisation. Besides, due to low level of income and output, the economy was heavily dependent on foreign aid. Such dependence on foreign countries hampers the economy's sovereignty. Dependence on foreign goods and services provides impetus to foreign country’s industries at the cost of domestic infant industries. Further, imports drain away the scarce foreign reserves that are of prime importance to any developing and underdeveloped economy. Therefore, achieving self-reliance is an important objective for a developing country such as India in order to avoid themselves from being submissive to the developed nations. Regards

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