What is the difference between soil pollution and soil erosion?

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The addition of harmful substances to soil whereby both soil fertility and the useful life forms present in soil are adversely affected is called soil pollution.

Causes of soil pollution

  • Industrial wastes such as harmful chemicals
  • Agricultural wastes containing pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides
  • Acid rain
  • Inadequate knowledge of soil management
  • Garbage disposal
  • Undesirable irrigation practices

Washing away of the fertile layer of soil is known as soil erosionWater and wind erosion are now the two primary causes of soil erosion. Industrial agriculture, deforestation, roads construction, climatic change and urbanization are amongst the most significant human activities which lead to soil erosion.


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The contamination of harmful or non-biodegradable substance in the soil known as soil pollution while the depletion of level of soil from the earth surface known as soil erosion.
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