what is the difference between sol,gel and emulsion?

all the three are colloids.In sol dispersing phase is solid and dispersing medium is liquid.In gel dispersing phase is liquid and dispersing medium is solid .In emulsion liquid is dispersing phase as well as dispersing medium.

Dispersing phase acts as a solute and dispersing medium acts as a solvent.hope this will helpu..

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it will help i did'nt think upto that extreme....anyways, thnxx 4 ur feedback..

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 but somethin is really missin..

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Sol state is a liquid state .The colloidal particles repel each other.
Gel state is more jellylike. The colloidal particles attract each other

emulsion is used when both the dispersed and the continuous phase are liquid.

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hey there,


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 so, will emulsion's state be liquid r8??

ya, eg: milk and face cream??

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A colloid of liquid particles or droplets dispersed in another liquidis an emulsion
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A heterogeneous mixture of:
Solid in liquid -> Sol                  (Eg:- Blood, Ink etc)
Liquid in solid -> Gel                 (Eg;- Jelly, Hair gel etc)
Liquid in liquid-> Emulsion       (Eg:- Milk, oil in water etc)
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As we know that air is made up of many different particals which can be only separated by physical processes ......
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What is blood ph
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