what is the difference between thallophyta,bryophyta and pteridophyta??? pls make it simple

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 Thallophyta Bryophyta Pteridophyta
These do not have well differentiated body structureDIfferentiated into simple leaves and stems but body is a thallusSporophyte has true roots stems and leaves
No  vascular tissueNo  vascular tissueVascular tissue present
 Gametophyte generation dominantSporophyte generation dominant
Can be unicellular or multicellularThey are multicellularThey are multicellular
They comprise fungi, algae, lichensThey are simplest land plantsThey are also plants

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 THALLOPHYTA:Plants have well differentiated body design.Plants in this group are commonly called algae.These plants are predominantly aquatic.Algae are green thallophytes that contain chlorophyll.

BRYOPHYTA:These are the first plants to live on both land & and H2O.the plant body is differentiated.xylem & phloem are absent.

PTERIDOPHYTA:They are the first land plants having vascular tissues.body is differentiated.they have xylem & phloem.

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