what is the difference between under and below....n how are doth of them used.??


1.below means lower point. for example: the today's temperature is below so we got cold season.

2. under means something being covered another, for example: my pencil box was under the sofa. 


Both r synonyms of down. 

hope d answer helps u. thanks.

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both  mean  the  same  ........  as  i  knw

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oh !  his  seems  to  be  good .

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k.vidya ur answers r always incomplete....like d one above....yangavalli thanks for d answer it really helps.....2morrow sure gonna give 2 thumps up....i have already given 5 thumps up 2day..:D

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 haha! thanks my dear friend nishi gupta. Hey K.vidya, i am not a boy! i am a girl re!

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@Nishi, your friend Yagnavalli has given a very nice explanation. Glad your doubt is satisfied.

@Yagnavalli, very well done! Keep up the spirit of helping! You get a thumbs up from Meritnation expert on the same.


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thanku mam!

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