What is the difference between unisexual and hermaphrodite?

 Unisexual organisms are organisms in which male and female gamets are produced by separate induviduals.

Eg:Humans, Frogs, Fishes

Hermophrodites are organisms in which the same induvidual produce both the male and female gamets.

Eg: Earthworms , Leeches ,Hydra

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You know that in a flower, the stamen is the male se x organ and the pistil is the female s ex organ. Flowers that contain both stamen and pistil are called bisexual flowers and plants that bear them are called bise xual plants. Some flowers bear either the stamen of the pistil, these flowers are called unisexual flowers. These unisex ual flowers inturn may be borne on the same plant or on different plants, such plants are known as unise xual plants.
bise xual is another name of hermaphrodite
Hope it is clear to you now,


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have u heard about unisex saloons?it means that people of both sexes(male and female)can come over there.(here it is considered as 2 different people)


hermophrodites are organisms having both male and female reproductive organs in their body.

(here it is considered only in 1 person.)

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