what is the dimensional formula of amplitude?

 Since Amplitude is a measure of the maximum displacement caused to a body due to vibrations in a body. So the unit of this displacement would also be "metre". So the Dimensional Formula will be simply [M0LT0].

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what is the dimensional formula of young's modulus

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 Young's Modulus = stress / strain

Strain = extension / original length [L] / [L] so it is a simple dimensionless ratio.
The dimensions of Young's modulus are therefore the same as the dimensions of stress.

stress = force / area
From Newton's 2nd Law, we know that force has the dimensions of mass * acceleration. So,
[stress] = [mass] * [acceleration] / [area]
[stress] = [ M ] * [L].[T]^-2 .[L]^-2

= [M].[L]^-1.[T]^-2

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dimensions of amplitude : [M0LT0]

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If you are talking about the dimension of amplitude as to the maximum distance that can be traversed by a particle in an oscillation,
[A] = [Length] = [L]
Or, [M0L1T0]
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I think L
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