what is the function of chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the green colour pigment which helps in the absorption of energy from sunlight and this energy is used in formation of food from carbon dioxide and water in plants.

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Chlorophyll:- It is a green colour pigment present in leaves of plants. Its main function is to trap sunlight and use water, carbon dioxide to carry out photosynthesis

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Green plants have a substance in them called chlorophyll which enable them to trap rays of sunlight and then used in the reaction of sunlight +water+carbon dioxide=food+oxygen+glucose
Chlorophyll is the pigment which makes a plant look green. It is kept inside the chloroplasts of a plant cell. When sunlight shines on the chlorophylll molecule, the energy is absorbed. The molecule then releases the energy. The energy makes carbon dioxide combine with water with the help of enzymes in the chloroplast
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 chlorophyll is the green pigment in chloroplast that absorbs sunlight and prepares food in the form of glucose

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It helps in preparing food for plants.It is present in stomato which is present on the leaves.

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It is a green pigment which helps in preparing food for plants by capturing the sunlight

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chlorophyll traps the sunlight. it helps as it gives the plant green coloured light and absorbs red and blue light.

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it helps to captuer sun's energy

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