What is the function of smoker's cough?

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A smoker's cough is the persistent cough that develops in smokers who have been smoking for long time.

Causes: It is caused due to smoking which damages the tiny hair like cells called cilia, lining the respiratory tract. These hair like cells catch toxins and dust and moves them back towards mouth. But due to smoking cilia does not function properly and toxins enter inside the lungs. This leads to persistent coughing as the body tries to remove these toxic substances from lungs.

Treatment: The best treatment is to quit smoking.

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Smoker's cough indicates you have damaged cilia, which aside from smoking can create other health hazards. You are much more susceptible to respiratory illnesses because these important fibers aren't doing what they can to remove germs from your system. Cilia are a great defense against airborne illnesses, especially when they function normally. You also may have a more difficult time recovering from colds, and be more prone to bronchial and respiratory infections because your cilia are not working.
Mostly though, if you have smoker's cough, you likely know you've been smoking for a long time. Possibly it's time to consider that your body is sending you a clear message when you must cough and cough in the morning before you can start accomplishing any of your daily tasks. It's not only unpleasant, but a signal that cigarette and tobacco smoking are simply not good for the body.

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