What is the importance of air to environment and to organisims


Importance of Air:

1. It is an important factor for all living organisms.It supports all the life forms on Earth.
2. The most important aspect of air for humans and other animals is its oxygen content.
3. Because of the presence of so many gases in the atmosphere most of the vital process such as respiration, photosynthesis, are possible on earth.

Functions of Air:

1. It supports life on the Earth.
2. We are able to generate electricity with the help of wind.
3. Heating and cooling systems circulate air to warm or cool a house.
4. When air is compressed it is used in air brakes high pressure cleaning systems etc.
5. Compressed air is used to dust computers,keyboards electronics and other items.

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Oxygen present in the air is one of the main life-sustaining gas. All living things breathe in and breathe out the air in the form of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide are vital for plants and their growth.
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