• The Great Mountain wall of the north-These fold mountains extends from Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh. Their length is about 2,500 km and width varies from 230 to 400 km.
  • The Great Northern plain-The great northern plain extends from the Punjab plain in the west to the Brahmaputra valley in the east.This plain lies to the south of Himalayas.
  • The Peninsular plateau-The peninsular plateau forms the oldest structure of the Indian sub continent.This plateau has the central highland in the north and Deccan plateau in the south.
  • The coastal plains-Along the western and eastern Ghats their are  Narrow coastal strips Which is known as the west coastal plains and the east coastal plains.
  • The Islands-Along with mainland, India has two set of islands Andaman and Nicobar island and Lakshadweep island .Andaman and Nicobar islands lies in the Bay of Bengal. Lakshadweep Islands lies in Arabian sea.
Their importance lies in their location like the Himalayas saves the country from the cold waves from central Asia,where as the plains are known for their productivity through their alluvial soils.The plateue region is resource and mineral rich etc.

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