What is the importance of vitamin E in our body?

 Vitamin E is one of the most popular supplements, and for good reason -- it is an amazing supplement. I have been so convinced of the importance of vitamin E that I've been taking it for over 30 years. Vitamin E is an indispensable member of the body's antioxidant system.* 

But that's not all. Vitamin E has other functions, some completely unrelated to its role as an antioxidant. In addition to its powerful antioxidant properties, * vitamin E:

Promotes heart health.*
Promotes respiratory health.*
Helps with normal PMS symptoms.*
Supports circulation.*
Supports prostate and breast health.*
Is good for your brain.*
May help hot flashes in menopausal women.*

Discovered in 1922, it is only in the last decade that the public began to be educated about the critical fact that vitamin E is not a single compound, but a general name for a whole family of compounds.

Research is beginning to focus on specific tocopherols, rather than on just "vitamin E." Mercola Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherols is an exclusive blend of all 4 forms of natural source tocopherols providing the antioxidant benefits of vitamin E.* It provides 400 IU of vitamin E as d-alpha tocopherol, with the benefits of beta, delta, and substantial gamma tocopherols.

Getting to know all the compounds in the vitamin E family of tocopherols is necessary to choose the right vitamin E product and get the full benefits of this superior antioxidant and nutrient.*

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Vitamin E critically enhances the antidiaoxidants in human bodies
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Promotes heart health,is good for brain,supports ciculation .this is the uses of the vitamin E
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In many ways
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