what is the location and function of the leydig cells and sertoli cell in human male

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Leydig cells are located between the seminiferous tubules of testis whereas sertoli cells are located within the seminiferous tubules.

​​​​Function of leydig cells is to secrete a class of hormones called androgens(mainly testosterone), by the action of LH (luteinising hormone) secreted by pituitary gland.
Function of sertoli cells 1. provide nourishment to sperms
                                       2. secrete APC(androgen binding protein) which transports testosterone to developing sperms to aid their development.
                                      3. creation of hemato-testicular barrier

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Leydig Cells
Location: Insterstitial between the locules of the testes
Function: Secrete testosterone
Sertoli Cells
Location: along the seminiferous tubules lining 
Function: Nourish sperms
                Aid in spermiogenesis
                Secretes APC(Androgen Binding Proteins)
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