What is the location of parenchyma, sclerenchyma, collenchyma in plant?

Parenchyma can be found in many regions of the plant body. It is mostly  is located  in Cortex, pith, medullary rays or pith rays  in wood and as packing tissue in xylem and phloem.
Collenchyma is distributed peripherally just below the epidermis. It is found in the outer regions of cortex (stems, petioles). It is also found along the veins in leaves of dicots.
Sclerenchyma are sometimes found in the cortex associated with xylem and phloem. It is also found in pith phloem, fruits and seeds.

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Theground tissueof plants includes all tissues that are neither dermal nor vascular. It can be divided into three classes based on the nature of the cell walls.Parenchymacells have thin primary walls and usually remain alive after they become mature. Parenchyma forms the "filler" tissue in the soft parts of plants.Collenchymacells have thin primary walls with some areas of secondary thickening. Collenchyma provides extra structural support, particularly in regions of new growth.Sclerenchymacells have thick lignified secondary walls and often die when mature. Sclerenchyma provides the main structural support to a plant

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