what is the main reason for depletion of ground water?



Below are the main reasons behind depletion of groundwater. 

  • Increase in population

  • Increased industrial activities

  • An increase in agricultural activities

  • Scanty rainfall

  • Deforestation, thereby leading to a decrease in the effective seepage area

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the depletion of water level depend in soil and rock because water flow in between the gaps of rock and soil.and you can go on science VII class science chapter-16 water a precious source lesson -5 pls thumbs up

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Human uses ( water taken from the ground through bore well and other technologies)is the main reason for the depletion of ground water.

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Water in aquifers is called groundwater. Groundwater provides half of all drinking water in the US and almost all drinking water in rural areas. Over 50 billion gallons a day is pumped to the surface to support US agriculture.

When the rate at which water is pumped out of an aquifer exceeds the rate at which it re-charges, the aquifer will suffer from groundwater depletion. As the US population has grown, increased water demand has resulted in increased pumping rates of groundwater which in turn has increased groundwater depletion rates. Levels in aquifers across the US are dropping at an alarming rate and eventually, in some areas they may no longer be able to provide adequate water supply. The Ogallala Aquifer, which originally held 4 trillion tons of water, is now 50% depleted.


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 increasing population

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