What is the meaning of infinity in potential difference???

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infinite is considered as reference point in case of electrostatics. It is more like an imaginary point where the net charge =0, so the potential at infinite is zero. The concept of infinite is used to define work done , when a unit positive charge is moved from infinite to a specific point.
as we know,
(work done) /charge = (potential difference) 
Wq=Vb-Vawhere Va=potential at infinite =0and Vb = potential at any specific point
Basically, as the potential at infinite is zero, we can directly get the potential of a specific point from this equation.
so, infinity is considered as a reference place that is fixed

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Dear Student,

For electric situations, we choose infinity as the reference point where the electric potential energy or the electric potential is zero.

Daivik Lakshmipathy.
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Kindly see your answer

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So how can we define the infinity in context of PD
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Actually, Infinity means time withou end
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*without end
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