What is the molecular mass of cane sugar?

Molecular formula of cane sugar is C12H22O11. Its molecular mass is the sum of the atomic masses of all the atoms present in it.

Atomic mass of Carbon = 12 u.

Atomic mass of Hydrogen = 1 u.

Atomic mass of Oxygen = 16 u.

Molecular mass of Cane sugar = (12 x 12) + (22 x 1) + (11 x 16) = 342 u.


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You can find the molecular mass of a compound by finding the sum of the Relative atomic mass (mass number in the periodic table) of ALL the elements that make up the compound.

Taking cane sugar aas an example, 
there are 12 carbon atoms, 22 hydrogen atoms and 4 oxygen atoms in 1 molecule of cane sugar.

The relative atomic mass (mass number) of carbon is 12g.
The relative atomic mass of hydrogen is 1g.
The relative atomic mass of oxygen is 16g.

Hence, the relative molecular mass of Cane sugar (C12H22O4) 
= (12 x 12g) + ( 22 x 1g ) + ( 4 x 16g )
= 230g


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Is sucrose C12H22O4

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