what is the oxidation number of sulphur in H2SO5 plz give explanation in detail

Sulphur cannot have more than +6 oxidation number as it belongs to VI(A) group. 
In H2SO5, one peroxide bond is present. i.e., the oxidation number of 2 oxygen atoms is -2. (Compare hydrogen peroxide, H2O2
2 atoms of oxygen will get -1 oxidation number each. The remaining 3 atoms will have +2 oxidation number each. This is a special case. Oxidation number of each hydrogen atom is +1 only. 
So, finally the oxidation number of Sulphur is +6. [(+2)+(+6)+(-8) = 0] 
hope u gt it.. :)

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6 is the ans
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How can we do electronic configuration of any element in sub shells ?
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s will have +6

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oxidation no. of sulphur of 6
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