What is the pH of a 0.001M solution of H2SO4? HSO4- has a pKa =1.2*10^-2

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There is no use of the second part in calculating the pH of 0.001M H2SO4 solution:
H2SO4 completely ionises as:H2SO4 +2H2O    2H3O++ SO22-1 molecule of sulphuric acid gives 2 molecules of hydronium ions[H3O+] = 2[H2SO4]As not mentioned in question 0.001 is considered as normalityEquivalent mass=49Molar mass of H2SO4 is 98H2SO4=0.001N×49g/L =0.001N×49g/L98=0.005MpH =-log[H3O+]=-log[10-3] =3

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