What is the role of water on the weathering of rocks?

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Weathering is the breakdown of bigger rocks into smaller particles. Role of water in weathering process-

Physical weathering: Various climatic factors like rain,wind,temperature, ice etc causes physical weathering. For example, in high temperatures, the rocks expand and break into smaller pieces. Rain water causes transportation of rocks and weathering.Water expands as it freezes. If this expansion occurs in a closed environment , there could be substantial pressure as in cracks of rocks, which results in wide opening of cracks. The cracked rock later disintegrate from main rock due to the cumulative effect of frozen water over a period of time.

Chemical weathering: Oxidation, Reduction, Hydrolysis and Hydration involved in this weathering. Breaking down of complex compounds by carbonic acid present in the water and acidic substances derived from the soil by the decomposition process causes chemical weathering.

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It expands d gaps.. between rocks..
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