what is the scientific name for dalia leaf also its ccharacteristics

Dahlia is a bushy herbaceous plant. It belongs to Asteraceae family. Its stem is leafy that bears flowers. Flowers are of variable size and colour. There are about 36 species of dahlia. The scientific name of some of them is as under.


1.Dahlia apiculata
2. Dahlia australis
3. Dahlia barkeriae
4Dahlia brevis









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Scientific name for dahlia?DahliaScientific name for dahlia?Dahlia hortensis, Is the scientific nameReply:Scientific classificationKingdom: PlantaeDivision: MagnoliophytaClass: MagnoliopsidaOrder: AsteralesFamily: AsteraceaeGenus: DahliaReply:The scientific name for dahlia is dahlia NO JOKE :Reply:|ImperialisReply:Scientific Name
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