what is the scientific name of neem ,potato ,rose ,wheat, rice ,tiger ,lion, cat, crow ,peacock ,rat ?

Neem: Azadirachta indica

Potato: Solanum tuberosum

Tiger: Panthera tigris

Lion: Panthera leo

Cat: Felis catus

Peacock: Pavo cristatus

Rat:Rattus rattus

Crow: The genus name of the crow is Corvus. There are 40 species of crows so we can't write a biological name for the whole group of crows.

Wheat: The genus name of wheat is Triticum. There are 23 species of wheat so we can't give a specific name to whole group of wheat.

Rose:The genus name of rose is Rosa. There are almost 100-150 species of roses and this is why we can't give a specific name to the whole group of roses.

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potato- Solanum tuberosum

wheat-Triticum aestivum

tiger-Panthera tigris

peacock-Pavo cristatus

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