what is the significance of binomial nomenclature?

Nomenclature is the method of naming a particular organism by a standard name known all over the world. The f irst word represents genus while second component represents specific epithet. The first word of generic name starts with a capital letter and specific epithet starts with a small letter.

Example :

Importance of binomial nomenclature is as follows:

  • It avoids the confusions that can be created when attempting to use common names to refer to a species.
  • Common name of species might differ from country to country but, binomial nomenclature remains the same.

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Binomial nomenclature was proposed by Carolus Linnaeus in 1753. According to it the scientific name of an organism consists of two separate components. The first is the genus and the second is species name. Now the names are given by ICBN (International Code of Biological Nomenclature).

Example :

Scientific names avoid confusion as they remain same throughout. As common names differ from place to place, language to language. It gives name of an organism which is widely accepted.

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