what is the similarities between DNA polymerase and RNA polymerase

RNA polymerase (RNAP or RNApol) is an enzyme that produces RNA. In cells, RNAP is necessary for constructing RNA chains using DNA genes as templates, a process calledtranscription. RNA polymerase enzymes are essential to life and are found in all organisms and many viruses. In chemical terms, RNAP is a nucleotidyl transferase that polymerizesribonucleotides at the 3' end of an RNA transcript.

DNA polymerase is an enzyme that helps catalyze in the polymerization ofdeoxyribonucleotides into a DNA strand. DNA polymerases are best known for theirfeedback role in DNA replication, in which the polymerase "reads" an intact DNA strand as a template and uses it to synthesize the new strand. This process copies a piece of DNA. The newly polymerized molecule is complementary to the template strand and identical to the template's original partner strand. DNA polymerases use magnesium ions as cofactors. Human DNA polymerases are 900-1000 amino acids long.

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