what is the use of laser light?

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LASER stands for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation".

Laser is a device which is used to produce highly intense narrow beam of nearly monochromatic light. It is capable of travelling large distances without spreading. It can also be focused to give enormous power density which can be defined as the energy incident on the unit area in a second (as high as 108Watt/cm2).

Its uses are as follows:

  1. Optical disk drives

  2. Laser printers

  3. Barcode scanners

  4. DNA sequencing instruments

  5. Fiber-optic and free-space optical communication

  6. Laser surgery and skin treatments

  7. Cutting and welding materials

  8. Military and law enforcement devices for marking targets and measuring range and speed

  9. Laser lighting displays for entertainment.




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