What is this? This is not a character sketch of mr keesing. You just wrote the answer of a question from ncert. I want proper character sketch of Mr. Keesing.

Dear student,

Mr Keesing was an old maths teacher at Anne’s school.He was very strict by Nature. He would not tolerate anyone talking in his class. Naturally, he remained quiet annoyed with Anne who was no doubt the Chatterbox.He would punish her by giving her extra homework. Anne would stuff her assigned homework with such funny contents that not only the class but even Mr Keesing felt greatly delighted. But Mr Keesing still failed to stop Anne's habit of chattering in the class. With the intention of making a mockery of Anne he gave her an essay to write on the topic: ‘Quack, Quack, Quack,’ Mrs Chatterbox. Anne wrote her essay in the form of a story in verse. It told the story of a mother duck and a father swan. The father bites his three ducklings to death because they quacked too much. The father in the poem is clearly Mr Keesing and the ducklings are the children of his class. Luckily Mr Keesing took the joke the right way. He enjoyed this poem and read it  to several classes. He stopped giving Anne any extra homework. He allowed her to talk in the class. He even started making jokes with the children. Thus we see how even Mr Keesing got infected by Anne's sense of humour.


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