what is vaccination ? give the details , how it works in human body

Vaccination is the process of administering an antigen into an individual so that the individual is able to fight against specific disease by boosted immune response.

In vaccination the microorganism (or antigen) is given in an inactive form (like heated) so that the body’s immune response produces antibodies against this antigen. The immune system of the body recognizes this antigen and when second time the same pathogen attacks the body a heightened immune response eliminates the pathogen by making the antibodies. 

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When a pathogen enters our body, our immune system uses many chemical reactions to fight it. This is called inflamation. Dead and weakened pathogens our introduced in our body and then inflamation takes place. Our body has special memory cells which remember this reaction. So next time this pathogen or close relative enters our body, our body fights faster.

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