What is variable resistance and its function? What is its symbol? It is also known as ______

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A rheostat is a variable resistor which is used to control the flow of current by manually increasing or decreasing the resistance. They can vary the resistance in a circuit without interruption. If we reduce the circuit resistance, the flow of electric current through the circuit increases. 

Symbol :


Potentiometer is a special type of rheostat that is  used to measure an unknown potential difference by a known potential difference. 
Rheostat is generally used in applications where high voltage or current is required.
Rheostats were used to control the light intensity, speed of motor, heaters and ovens. 
They are used to increase or decrease the volume of a radio. 

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As the name suggests that variable resistance is a type of resistance which can vary so we can adjust it's resistance according to us. Many times there are uses of more than two or tree voltage or we have to adjust the frequency of tuned circuit so at that palce we use variable resistance . It's symbol is something like this

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Sry i forgot the last one it's also known as resostat
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