what is yeast and how can it be called as a saprophyte

Yeasts are eukaryotic microorganisms classified in the kingdom Fungi. Saprophytes grow in humid and hot conditions. Yeast and Mushroom are some of the saprophytic organisms.

Saprophytes feed on dead and decaying organisms only and not in living organisms. They secrete digestive juices on the matter they live and convert it into a solution and then absorb it. They decompose the organic wastes and dead plants and animals into simple substances and clean up the environment. That is why they are known as scavengers. The mode of nutrition in which the organism takes nutrients in solution from dead and decaying matter is called saprophytic nutrition. Organisms which use saprophytic mode of nutrition are called saprophytes.

Example: Funguses including yeast, Bacterium etc

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i think its bread mole is it?? reply it!

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