What kind of a person do you think the narrator is?

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Shyama, a person who is too attached to his soil and his village, is the narrator of Ranga's Marriage. When the story starts the reader expects something about a marriage happening. However, the narrator takes the reader on a tour of his village, Hosahalli, explaining the specialities about it. He does not believe in the English culture. He tells how 10 decades ago there was no such culture and how he thinks that the language has changed the atmosphere totally. How a distinction has descended between those who speak English and those who do not. Shyama is person who respects a person who believes in her/his culture; for example, when Ranga payed homage to him, he bowed down and touched Shyama's feet as a namaskar. This made Shyama happy that even after studying away from home Ranga had not forgotten his roots. Even though Ranga was an educated boy and was determined to get married to a girl who is mature enough, Shyama got him married to Ratna, who was much younger and not at all the kind of girl he would have married. This shows his beliefs in arrange marriage and also that he was a determined person who always got done what he had decided. He was a person who strongly believed in his tradition and culture.

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