What precautions will you observe at the time of using a ladder ?

  1. Store ladders in a safe, dry place.
  2. Hang ladders on racks, at intervals of 6 feet for support.
  3. Properly secure and support ladders while in transit.
  4. Keep ladders clean and free of foreign materials.
  5. Never store materials on ladders. 
  6. DANGER! Metal Conducts Electricity! Do not let ladders of any material come in contact with live electrical wires.
  7. Make sure ladder is fully open, spreaders secure, and pail shelf in position.
  8. Place on firm level surface with a secure footing. Do not use on slippery surfaces. Do not place on boxes, unstable bases or scaffolds to gain additional height. Do not place in front of door opening toward ladder
  9. Face ladder when climbing up or down; keep body centered between side rails.
  10. Maintain a firm grip. Use both hands in climbing
  11. Never climb a ladder from the side unless ladder is secured against side-wise motion, or climb from one ladder to another.
  12. Do not over reach; move ladder when needed.
  13. Do not "walk" or "jog" ladder when standing on it.
  14. Do not stand, climb or sit on ladder top, pail shelf, braces, or back section.
  15. Do not overload. Ladders are meant for one person. Do not use as a brace, platform or plank.
  16. Keep ladder close to work; avoid pushing or pulling off to the side of ladders.

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