what role can ordinary citizens play in deepening democracy

their participation is enough

making the governmental decisions

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1. For deepening the democracy the already institutions have to be strengthened and democracy has to be practised.
2. The citizens should try to participate and take control over democratic institutions. 
3. The citizens should not be afraid from voicing their demands and views and have expectations form the government. 
4. The citizens should vote when the elections are held and correct their mistakes if any.
5. They shouldn't be afraid from influencing the government and this can be done by organising themselves into pressure groups. 
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The challenge of deepening of democracy is faced by every democracy in one form or another. This involves strengthening of the institution and practices of democracy. This should happen in such away that people can realise their expectations of democracy.  But ordinary people have different expectations from democracy in different socities. Therefore this challenge tae different meanings and pats in different parts of the world . In general terms it usually means strengthening those institutions that help people's participation and control. This requires an attempt to bring down the control and influence of the rich and the powerful people in making govermental decision.

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Ordinary citizens play a critical role in deepening democracy:
  • ​They can form pressure groups and political institutions, through which they can influence political decisions
  • Citizens must actively participate in elections, and aim to correct the mistakes made by political parties, by removing them from power.
  • They can encourage their fellow citizens to practice and propagate, and they can further suggest political parties to discuss or pass certain bills or laws that help the society. 
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