Stipules are the lateral appendages which are found attached at the base of the leaf. They protect the leaf in its bud stage.

They are modified in various structures to perform functions accordingly:-

Stipules which are modified into leaves help in photosynthesis to synthesize food.

Stipules which are modified into spines serve the purpose of protection of plants. e.g.- Zizyphus

Stipules can also help the plant in climbing when modified as tendril.eg- Smilax

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stipule refers to outgrowths borne on either side of the base of a leafstalk . A pair of stipules is considered part of the anatomy of the leaf of a typical flowering plant

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 what are the function of stipules

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I think ,Main function of these structures is to protect the leaf in the bud. When green these synthesize food also.They can also work as assimilation organs or can be developed as spines or glands. In pinnate leaves with basipetal segmentation the stipules often have finished their growth whereas the segmentation of the lamina still is progressing

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stipules are the leafy structures that protect the young leaves.

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