what type of practices can we advice to increase crop production keeping in mind that day by day land available for agriculture is geeting reduced due to setting of colonies , factories and townships????????

experts and students plzz help

need the information for projects!!!!

Crops need good nutrient rich soil to see increase in crop production. Soil conditions are very important for the crop’s growth.

We should use good quality fertilizers which could chemically enrich soil. Soil should be tested before using fertilizers and fertilizers should be used as per the requirement of the soil. Too much usage of fertilizers is also bad; hence we need to balance for the sufficient usage of the same.

We can also use manure from animals stocks, which is a cheap alternative because it provides good nutrients for the soil.

Liming of acid soils is done to raise pH of soil. This provides calcium and magnesium necessary for crop’s growth.

Usage of good agricultural machines also helps the production growth. Usage of tractors and modern seed drills helps for correct tilling of land, sowing of seeds.

Usage of modern techniques of irrigation also helps the crops production.

Usage of herbicides, pesticides, weedicides helps the crops productivity.

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