what was the demand of rani lakshmibai of jhansi that was refused by the brithish

Rani lakshmibai of Jhansi wanted the British ruler to accept her adopted son as the heir of Jhansi after the death of her husband, but the British rulers refused to do so because according to the doctrine of lapse, if the ruler of a place dies without a hier, then such kingdom will be annexed by the British empire.


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lakshmi bai had her own son named damodar rao who had died in months after his birth, so she, along with her husband adopted a son and named him damodar rao too. the king requested the british to accept the child as a heir to the throne, but soon after that, the king died. the british thought of now acquiring jhansi but rani lakshmi bai declared herself the queen and the ruled the kingdom. she fighted the british with damodar rao on her back. one day when british came to arrest lakshmi bai, she jumped out from there along with damodar rao on her horse badal. the horse died but they both survived.

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